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The location and number of power outlets determine the ease of use of household appliances

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The beauty of interior decoration plays an important role, the layout of power outlet should be carried out according to the planned location of indoor household appliances and furniture, and should pay close attention to the relevant professional cooperation with architectural decoration, so as to determine the correctness of the location of the outlet.

1. Power sockets should be installed on no less than two symmetrical walls. The horizontal distance between the two power sockets on each wall should not exceed 2.5m ~ 3m, and the distance from the end wall should not exceed 0.6m.

2. The ordinary power socket without special requirements shall be installed 0.3m away from the ground, and the special socket for washing machine shall be installed 1.6m away from the ground with indicator light and switch;

3. Special switch power socket shall be used for air conditioner. In the case of definite use of a certain air conditioner, the power outlet of the air conditioner should be arranged according to the following positions:

(1) separate type air conditioner power socket should be set up according to the reserved hole position of the outlet tube 1.8m away from the ground;

(2) the power socket of window type air conditioner should be set at 1.4m away from the ground beside the window;

(3) cabinet type air conditioner power socket should be set at the corresponding position from the ground 0.3m. Otherwise, consider reserving a 16A power outlet according to the split type air conditioner and set it on the load-bearing wall near the outer wall or light window.

4. Anyone who has a cable terminal box or computer room socket, socket near the cable terminal box or computer combination power socket should be set at least two five holes, in order to satisfy the TV, VCD, audio power amplifier or computer needs, can also adopt multi-function modular power socket (panel row of at least 3 ~ 5 different two holes and three hole socket), socket outlet is apart from the cable terminal box or computer horizontal distance of not less than 0.3 m;

5. Living room (living room) is the main place where people gather, and there are many household appliances. The design should arrange sockets according to the layout plan of building decoration, and ensure that there are power sockets on every main wall. If the wall surface length exceeds 3.6m, the number of sockets should be increased. If the wall length is less than 3m, the power socket can be set in the middle of the wall. The cable TV terminal box and the computer outlet are provided with a power outlet, and the air conditioner power outlet, the living room should be used with a switch power outlet;

6. The bedroom shall ensure that the two main symmetrical walls are equipped with combined power sockets. When the end of the bed is against the wall, the two sides of the bed shall be equipped with combined power sockets and power sockets for air conditioners. The cable TV terminal box and the computer socket should be equipped with two sets of combined power sockets, single bedroom only computer power sockets;

7. The study in addition to the wall where the bookcase is placed should ensure that the two main walls are equipped with a combination of power sockets, and with air conditioner power sockets and computer power sockets;

8. The kitchen should decorate according to the building decorate decorate, setting much place power outlet in different position, height in order to satisfy to take lampblack machine, disinfect ark, microwave oven, electric rice cooker, electric water heater, freezer the need of equipment of a variety of electric cookers. Refer to the kitchen table, operation table, table, washing table layout select the best position to set lampblack machine socket, generally from the ground 1.8m ~ 2m. Electric water heater should choose 16A three-wire socket with switch and install it on the right side of the hot water heater from 1.4m to 1.5m away from the ground. Please note that the socket should not be placed above the electric heater. Other electric cookers power socket in the lower part of the cabinet or between the upper part of the work station, different positions, different heights set, the socket should live source indicator light and switch. When the refrigerator is set up in the kitchen, special socket shall be set and installed 0.3m ~ 1.5m away from the ground.

9. It is strictly forbidden to set power outlet in the damp part of the bathroom, such as the shower area or near the bathtub. Power outlet in other areas should be splash proof. When there is an outer window, the outlet box or socket should be reserved beside the outer window. As the exhaust duct is generally near the shower area or bathtub, the junction box or socket should be 2 away from the ground. 25m above installation. From the shower area or outside the tub along 0.6m outside the reserved electrical water heater socket and clean the body appliance power socket. A power outlet for beauty treatment and shaving shall be installed next to the mirror of the washstand, 1.5m ~ 1.6m away from the ground. Socket with switch and indicator light;

10. The balcony should be equipped with single-phase combined power socket, 0.3m away from the ground.